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Neil Angel

Founding Partner/Solicitor

Neil is one of the Founding Partners at Angel Wilkins and specialises in all aspects of residential property from sales to purchases any everything in between. 

Buying or selling a house is a huge commitment for clients in all sorts of ways. Neil never loses sight of that and will guide and support you through the process as quickly and efficiently as he can.

“I’ll never tire of the delight (and sometimes relief) clients show when I can tell them they’ve exchanged. In conveyancing you don’t get months to work on a case; there is a real ‘immediacy’ to our work. It isn’t uncommon for me to receive 300 emails a day. I’m working at 100mph and often 15 hour days.  It isn’t easy but very rewarding.”  

There is no doubt that Neil is a hard worker. When not at work you will find him working on his small farm – sitting on a tractor or mower, painting, weeding, moving stuff from one place to another (and back again) – there’s always lots to be done. He keeps himself fit by running and cycling too.

Neil is a self-confessed car nut and he will often go to car meets and shows.  He owns a few cars (mostly ones that are getting on a bit), so that involves lots of cleaning and checking tyre pressures and oil levels, and hoping they start when they should.

I’ll never tire of the delight clients show
when I tell them they’ve exchanged.